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I don't take requests, I don't take point commissions, I don't take art trades and I WILL NOT do any of these when "I'm good and ready". Notes on requests, point commissions and art trades of any kind will be ignored.

I work on a commission by commission basis, do NOT ask me to join your "team". Messages asking me to join a "team" will also be ignored.

Do not take it the wrong way from what I said above. If I had all the time in the world and not a bill to pay, I would gladly do something for a lesser cost.

What's the difference between those? An Art trade is you draw something for me and I draw something for you. I do not do this. Request is you tell me what you want and I draw it for you for nothing in return. I do not do this. Point commission is you send me points such as deviantArt points and I draw something for you in return. I do not do this. Paid commission is when you pay me money and I draw something for you. YES, I do do this.

Please do not commission anything unless you have the funds for it (both deposit and balance). You can take your time if you don't have anything saved up. I'll still be here. Make sure you mention commission in your note.

NSFW Pony Commissions: Sexually themed images are allowed but no genitals will be shown/drawn and will not be posted to my gallery.

I am not obligated to post finished commissions to my gallery. It is your idea and your image so do not expect me to post it. You are, however, free to post it to your own gallery.

  • 1 character on white background: $30
  • 1 character on simple background: $35
  • 2 characters on white or simple background: $40
    More than 2 characters: additional $10 per each character
  • Complicated background: additional $10
  • Sketch: $20 but they won't be neat or clean and sketched for visualization/structural purposes (examples available upon request)
  • Comics: I prefer you ask for a single picture rather than a comic since I regard each panel as a single picture. Since it's a comic, I have to put a "package price" on it to make it fair for some people. If I do this, the price will no longer match the work I have to put into it. If you really want a comic, be prepared to pay a lot for it and be reasonable with what you want in it (don't ask for complicated backgrounds in each panel with cars or tanks in the foreground with characters.

Simple backgrounds are sky, simple nature background, solid colors and fancy gradients. Complicated backgrounds are buildings, towns, building interior, anything structural/architectural, more involved or complicated nature background and anything with a lot of detail.

Pictures will be done in the same style as the webcomic or the ponies. I require 50% deposit before I start and balance due upon completion. I accept paypal only. There is to be no deadline. However long I take to complete it is however long I take but not unreasonably long. I do have other obligations other than yours. Send me a note if you're interested.

Yes, I do OCs and non-pony characters. Make sure you have reference pictures.




"I don't get why people think that computer art is so great. It's [the program] practically doing it for you." 

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I really don't want to open Pandora's Box again but I have a strong feeling to say something which I might regret later.

Whenever I try to come up with a new pony picture, I don't start thinking, "hmm, how can I put these two in a provocative position?" My mentality isn't targeted to NSFW or saucy subject matter when it comes to ponies. The latest picture I posted with twidash in the library is a commission and not my idea. I predicted backlash when I posted it and I was right. An ex-watcher sent me a note saying that was the last straw and has left me. Apparently, a mature filter on such pictures isn't enough. (EDIT: The person noted that his filters were off because his reasoning is that some artists tag their work with mature even when it's not porn.) Whenever I place a mature filter on pictures, I mean it. My gallery isn't without its NSFW such as the furry stuff but even now, I refrain from posting furry porn here. For the people who unwatch just because of those types of pictures, considering that you're on the internet where there are pictures more provocative than what I do, where do you draw the line before your watch list hits zero? I don't want to blame people who doesn't like NSFW content and I'm not trying to sound like I am. My point is that art is subjective and everyone sees things in their own way. If it makes you feel better, the people egging me on to do NSFW should get the blame. A while ago, I gave my word that I wouldn't do pony porn publicly and I'm going to stand by it. Technically, what I've done so far isn't porn since there's nothing there. It's a constant tug of war that I'm playing and I want to please as many people as I can. For the people who doesn't like the plot pictures or the pictures with sexual themes, I guess I've gotten slack on my word and I apologize. I should think twice before posting a new picture but where do I draw the line? Art is subjective and pictures that I think will be okay with most people might turn out to rub some people the wrong way and will make me more paranoid on posting new pictures that may be more controversial than I think it is. I make no guarantee that you won't see a picture you won't like from me but it will certainly not be my intention to disappoint people. I want you all to be happy with what I share. For the people who wants NSFW, it's really hard to please you now. Some say I'm this close to drawing porn, I got news for you, I'm already there. They're just not made public. If you really want NSFW, you either have to pay for it, become a patron at patreon for a specific reward just for NSFW or go somewhere else. I don't aim for NSFW with ponies and it takes extra work and time to draw them in certain positions and to draw those extra bits. Monetary compensation will increase my motivation on such pictures. Another downside for these pictures is even if I offer NSFW through patreon, commissions or a separate dA account, there will most likely be one bad egg that will take that picture and post it publicly or worse, merge them with my SFW pictures which I'm sure that is the case on some imageboards. It's not looking good for the NSFW supporters. Every path I'm considering has its downside so help me find the balance.


Wanna see art before I post them here?
Consider becoming a Patron at



  • I already know about art theft on ebay, taobao, dhgate and any pillow/buttons with my art on it. There's nothing I can do about it. If you can do something about it, great. Otherwise, I don't want to hear it. They will be ignored and/or hidden.

  • COMMISSIONS, ART TRADES OR REQUESTS: Information is to the left of this page!

  • SOFTWARE / HARDWARE I USE: Manga Studio and a Cintiq Tablet

  • INSTAGRAM: mysticalphaponies on instagram is NOT me


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HelloKittysPal1993 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
Hi. I see that you like MLP.
Crystalcrystalcandy Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love your speed paints on YouTube 
Chikumawonderbolt Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Can we do an art trade?
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Pinetr33 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're art makes me throw up rainbows! 

It's so AMAZING! Actually, words cannot describe how awesome your art is :la:
EvilPea Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Uhm hey Mysticalpha, I wanna let you know that I think there is someone out on the internet stealing your Nightmare Rarity design.

It was a human Nightmare Rarity with the exact same hair and looks as your's

now I dont know if this bothers you, I'm just letting you know.

P.S: I also found out the name of the artist is ''Semehammer'' Does that say annything to you?
mysticalpha Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Which in turn matches Nightmare Rarity's mane in the IDW comics. Other than the mane/hair, I don't see how he copied my rendition of her.
EvilPea Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ok, Sorry if I missunderstood this.

I just wanted to let you know, I'm glad there wasnt annything wrong.
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